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 Tape            lecture 1961


              about World Tour 1959 and Flying Saucers Farewell


Tape No 1   San Francisco, California  - 1961

                 Explanations of importance of education in the                  Space Field

Tape No 2  Rochaster, New York  - 1965

                Question and answer format, wide variety of                 subjects


Tape No 3  Syracuse, New York  - 1965

                Variety of topics - describes contact on desert                 (first) 1952

Tape No 4 Rochester Yew York - 1965

               Logical explanations for seemingly ”strange”                happenings.

Tape No 5 Boston Mass. U S A - 1965

               Lectures covers basic philosophy as lived on other                planets

Tape        Science of Life - 1964

               Cosmic Philosophy

Adamski Tapes