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H. C. Petersen

        Rene Erik Olsen - Adamski fotos

Gerard Aartsen - The Adamski Case

Håkon Blomqvist’s Blog

Ragnvald A Carlsen (pen name Ronald Caswell) and H C Petersen

told  in Gensing Gardens News from 2007 to 2014 the story  of George Adamski  

 they also issued the english version of

UFO Contact

from October 1966 to December 1968

UFO CONTACT 1966 -68 Gensing Gardens News

George Adamski

17apr1891 - 23apr1965

17 .4.1891 - 23.4.19765

Gold medal

Adamski's "Golden Medal of Honor," which he received during a secret audience with Pope John XXIII before he died

December 1952  Flyvende tallerken

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